Ryan Giggs branded a 'wrongun' by QPR midfielder Joey Barton as he takes aim at Manchester United great's personal life

Barton's latest Twitter rant slams the recently-turned 40-year-old for his affair with his brother's wife Natasha Giggs

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Joey Barton has unleashed a stinging series of tweets aimed at Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs in which he branded him a “wrongun” as he slammed the much-celebrated Welshman’s controversial personal life.

Giggs turned 40 on Friday, with many singing his praises for his longevity at the top of the Premier League since making his debut for United in March 1992. But the famously outspoken Barton, who did acknowledge Giggs’ talents as “unbelievable”, turned on the 13-time Premier League winner with a number of comments aimed at the turbulent personal life of the United star.

“Giggs has done unbelievable to get to 40. Still a vital player for United. Some career he's had. The British Paolo Maldini. #legend” said Barton in his first post.

“Still can't have him for getting up his brothers bird though. Great player but can't be doing that. No matter how much of a top player he is.

“Respect him as a player. But as a man, you don't do that to your own. He's a wrongun in my book.

“If you all want to put Giggs on a pedestal, then thats your right. I am merely pointing out that what he did was as low as it gets.”

The 31-year-old was commenting on the 2011 revealing of an affair between Giggs and his brother’s wife Natasha Giggs. At the time, she told The Sun that she was a “fool” to risk her marriage with Giggs’ brother Rhodri, and added: “At the beginning it was thrilling to know that someone as famous and admired as Ryan wanted to be in bed with me.

“But by the end the whole thing had become so seedy. I still can't believe what a fool I was to risk what we had all for the thrill of having sex with Ryan.”

Barton then went on to compare Giggs with the Chelsea captain John Terry, who has also had his fair share of controversial moments off the field as well as a hugely successful career on it.

“Hundreds of times worse than John Terry.  JT has a blast of his mates bird when they had split up. Not saying thats right at all but... if JT's behaviour(is worse than Giggs’), you want your heads testing. A hero Giggs? Bang your brothers bird. I don't care how good you are, you sir are a ****!”

Returning to his role as a footballer rather than a gossip columnist, Barton turned his attentions to today’s Championship fixture at Doncaster, which he labelled a “tough game” as Rangers continue their quest for an instant return to the Premier League.

“Now thats cleared up. On to more important matters. Tough game at Doncaster today. Hoping for 3pts and another clean sheet. #QPR.”