Sky Sports presenter makes Ricky van Wolfswinkel gaffe live on air

The Norwich City striker became Ricky van Wolf Sphincter

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Reading from the auto-cue is not the easiest of skills, particularly when pronouncing the names of the many foreign players that fill the Premier League.

So Sky Sports presenter Amy Lewis should perhaps be cut some slack for yesterday's blunder.

When discussing Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Lewis accidentally called the Norwich City striker 'Ricky van Wolf Sphincter', before quickly adding a 'Winkel' at the end.

With so many foreign players in England's top flight, tongue twisting names and peculiar pronunciations are common, making mistakes inevitable. But the Wolfswinkel gaffe was perhaps one of the less likely players to stumble over considering the name of the Netherlands striker is probably the most interesting thing about him.

Watch the clip below...


Norwich start the new campaign against Wolves having been relegated to the Championship last season.