#stress: Footballer Jamie O'Hara quits Twitter after being mocked for saying life isn't easy as a £35k-a-week footballer

Wolves midfielder becomes latest celebrity to quit social network site following abuse

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Jamie O’Hara has become the latest celebrity to close his Twitter account after being mocked for claiming on the social media site that he had a hard life as a professional footballer.

The Wolves midfielder earns £35,000 per week but tweeted that he longed for 'easier' days on the Youth Training Scheme when he earned £100 a week.

"Things were so much easier when I earned 100pound a week on wts #stress", said the 26-year-old who is married to the former Miss England Danielle Lloyd.

"Why do people think cos I earn good money I don't have bills to pay we all pay tax an we have mortgages to pay, some people are deluded," he said.

But his comments were widely derided by users who said he was out of touch with ordinary people and today he responded by saying he will close his account.

"Had a good think last night and today is my last day on Twitter,' O'Hara wrote. 'I'll be starting a private Facebook account and anyone who is a genuine fan can send me a friend request.

"Too many trolls on here with nothing nice to say, sorry to people that actually like following me but I'll let you know what my Facebook account is.

"Thanks to my real fans on here. It's a shame that there's too many a******** would love to see some of them face to face because I'm sure they wouldn't say it to my face, they'd probably ask for a picture sums up society these days."

Earlier this year, footballer's most high profile Tweeter Joey Barton scaled down his postings after being threatened with legal actions for his remarks about John Terry's racism case.

He announced he was taking a Twitter 'sabbatical' before saying something he would end up 'regretting'.

But he has since returned to the social network site.