Supporters review of the season: West Ham

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We started with Alan Curbishley, under whom the football was less than inspiring. A row over transfer policy saw him leave, to be replaced by Gianfranco Zola & Steve Clarke, under whom there was an obvious shift in favour of the passing game.

Meanwhile, Lord Griffiths' insane ruling proved once and for all that peers of the realm and care in the community don't mix. Injuries, and Craig Bellamy's predictable departure, left us with a forward line akin to a comedy act with two straight men, despite which we still had an outside chance of Europe. Oh, and our owner went bust and the banks are coming in any day to repossess us. A fairly quiet season by our standards.

Which team were your best opponents?

Hartlepool in the cup - for their support and hospitality.

Who would you most like your team to sign this summer?

Kevin Doyle at Reading might be available within our price range, Icelandic banks permitting.

Weirdest/Funniest moment

David Di Michele's tumble. Doing it at all was bad. Doing it against Liverpool, the league's diving experts, made it so much worse.

Mark out of 10 for the season?