Video: Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino shows Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela and Harry Kane how it is done in free-kick challenge

Players (and manager)  took part in set-piece challenge

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Tottenham have been searching for a free-kick specialist since Gareth Bale left to join Real Madrid, and now it looks like they have found him.

But unfortunately for Spurs, his deadball prowess will only ever be seen on the training ground.

Here is a video released by Spurs this week showing Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela and Harry Kane taking on the free-kick challenege, but they are outshone by manager Mauricio Pochettino.


Spurs lost 3-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last night, but Pochettino insisted that his team believed that they could win.

“If you watch again the game, I think the answer is easy: we believed,” he said. “We showed we believed we could get a positive result, but this is football. It's difficult to manage if you're lucky or not. The first chance they created, they scored. The second chance, the second goal.”