Warnock calls for video evidence to stop diving

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Crystal Palace boss Neil Warnock believes the use of video evidence, coupled with strong punishments for offenders, will put a stop to diving in football.

Scottish Football Association chief executive Gordon Smith today urged UEFA to punish Arsenal striker Eduardo for diving in last night's Champions League play-off round second leg defeat of Celtic.

Eduardo won a penalty in the Gunners' 3-1 win at the Emirates Stadium last night after appearing to throw himself to the ground in the area.

Warnock told talkSPORT this morning: "Retrospective video evidence with a minimum six-game ban would stop it [diving] straight away.

"It's no good fining them [the players] because they get paid so much and managers aren't going to do it, as I know from personal experience, so it has to be retrospective evidence.

"Referees are not good enough to stop things like that even though he [the referee] was in a good position."

Warnock added: "The guy [Eduardo] deliberately tried to 'leave' a foot, in order to get some contact with the goalie (Artur Boruc) when he knew the keeper wasn't going to pull him down. It's one of those things.

"The only answer is using video evidence after the event because it's too quick. Sometimes I've thought from the first view 'it's a penalty,' and then you watch it and know it's not. So even professionals can't see it. Referees need help."