Adel Taarabt: Harry Redknapp claims QPR midfielder only looks slim because he's been ill

Row between the pair looks set to continue after latest jibe

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Harry Redknapp has again hit out at Adel Taarabt claiming the Queens Park Rangers midfielder only looks slim "because he's had tonsillitis".

Redknapp had claimed the Moroccan midfielder was three stone overweight, before Taarabt, 25, hit back saying he was slim and didn't understand why he wasn't getting in the Rangers side when he kept out Robinho and Kaka at Milan.

Taarabt has been pictured showing his slimline stomach to prove a point, but the 67-year-old manager has reopened the war of words stating: "The only reason he has lost weight is because he has had tonsillitis. That’s the only way we could get any weight off of him."

Taarabt hit back at Redknapp with pictures showing a slim stomach

Redknapp added: "He is not fit to play a game, that’s the truth. He is the worst professional I have ever come across and I have been his only ally at QPR for the past three years. He doesn’t try and I have protected him for too long.

"Even I could suck my stomach in for a picture and look OK."

Taarabt had also claimed that the QPR manager is always in his office and never took training, prompting another Redknapp outburst.

"I am the first one in that training ground every day at 7am and I am always out on the training field," he said.

Redknapp added: "When we were last in the Premier League we played Manchester United at home on a Saturday lunchtime.

"I had a phone call telling me Adel had been in a casino until 5am that morning.

"I pulled him into my office and asked whether it was true. He told me that he hadn’t been in a casino until 5am until Friday morning but that he might have been there on Thursday morning.

Redknapp refuted claims he doesn't play a role in training

"After we had been relegated last year we went to Exeter to prepare for a season in the Championship. I had to leave to go and have an operation on my knee.

"Steve McClaren was working with me at the time. As soon as I left he sent Adel home because he wasn’t up to it. The fitness coaches at QPR, everybody tells me he doesn’t try.

"He doesn’t want to run around. I have tried to protect him until now but the fans have to know what’s going on."

Despite the ongoing row between the pair, Redknapp said he would love to have the talented player prove him wrong.

"If something comes off this and it sparks some life into him then great. I would love him to prove me wrong then at least we’d be getting something for our money."