Arsenal defender Kieran Gibbs posts bizarre video of his Miami holiday being invaded by an iguana

Here's why you shouldn't disrupt an iguana when it's sunbathing on your umbrella

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Like many of his Premier League cohorts, Kieran Gibbs has been enjoying a summer holiday for the hustle and bustle that is the top flight returns next month.

The Arsenal left-back was sunning himself in Miami this week, but what he didn’t bargain for is that he would be joined a rather scaly friend. Gibbs uploaded a swimming pool-side video to his Instagram account that had everything to make you jealous; sun, a pool and an iguana.

That’s right, a four-foot lizard decided to make an appearance at the hotel when it appeared on an umbrella that was shielding the vacationers from the beating rays of the sun, when someone decided it was a good idea to try and move it.

A man attempts to move the iguana and gets a tail-whip for his efforts

A woman gets out of the way of the lizard

The iguana makes its getaway alongside the pool

Now this isn’t a wise idea. Not only will the iguana defend itself with a notorious tail-whip – as seen in the video – but it might also try to bite you, and the fact that the majority of iguanas carry Salmonella can lead to rather unwanted circumstances.

Watch the video below...

A video posted by Gibbo3✌️ (@kierangibbs) on


However, this one doesn’t seem too fussed about biting anyone, and after running alongside the pool it makes a quick escape up the stairs before carrying on with his day.