Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says Anfield is his favourite stadium because it has 'special vibes'

Wenger used to favour Highbury before it closed its doors in 2006 and now believes that there is something special about travelling to Anfield to take on Liverpool

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Arsene Wenger has revealed that he favours his annual trip to Liverpool because Anfield contains “special vibes” that makes it his favourite ground in the Premier League.

The Arsenal manager used to have a different stadium that topped his list, but that changed in 2006 when the Gunners left Highbury as the stadium closed its doors following the move to the Emirates Stadium.

The atmosphere at the Emirates has been criticised in the past, and last season saw an uneasy feeling spread across the home fans as they split over their support of Wenger, with some fans calling for him to leave as the club missed out on the Premier League title to underdogs Leicester City.

The stadium has livened up somewhat this season though, with the 3-0 win over Chelsea and north London derby particular highlights as Arsenal fans roared on their side with hopes of claiming the title still alive this season, but it still has some way to go if it is to match Wenger’s personal favourites.

“My favourite stadium with biggest fan base with the most heated atmosphere is Liverpool because there's special vibes there,” Wenger said on Bein Sports.

“The song before the game, You'll Never Walk Alone, the history of the club and the stadium itself.

“Before it was Highbury. It had a special soul. Now it's Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle was great too.

“Football is like what it was 30 years ago because of the environment of the game. The passion, the soul of the stadium. It has the most heated, supportive atmosphere.”

The atmosphere generated by The Kop has long been recognised as one of English football’s greatest sights and sounds, and with the Reds currently top of the Premier League, there is plenty of reason for Liverpool fans to cheer this season.