Arsene Wenger says Manchester City should decide Carlos Tevez fate

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Arsene Wenger claims Manchester City should be allowed to deal with Carlos Tevez however they see fit.

The Argentina forward is to be fined two weeks' wages after the Professional Footballers' Association refused to sanction City's intended four-week punishment.

The players' union, who must ratify any fines of more than two weeks' wages, have backed Tevez's claims that he did not refuse to play against Bayern Munich last month, as City have ruled.

Wenger feels City should have the final say in any disciplinary action.

"I didn't even know what really happened so it's not down to me to judge that. Leave Manchester City that responsibility to do it," the Arsenal manager said.

"I am sure they have enough money to pay all the lawyers they want to have a good outcome of the story."

Tevez has insisted since the Champions League game at the Allianz Arena on September 27 that he only refused to warm up. The PFA have now claimed the club had no evidence to charge the 27-year-old with anything else.

The Argentina striker was found guilty of five breaches of contract by City, including a refusal to play.

Four weeks' wages in Tevez's case is thought to be around £800,000.