Chelsea investigating sale of offensive Arsene Wenger and Harry Kane t-shirts outside Stamford Bridge

The offensive items were spotted outside the club's ground ahead of Sunday's kick-off with Manchester United

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Chelsea are attempting to stop the sale of abusive T-shirts from outside Stamford Bridge which mock the likes of Arsene Wenger and Harry Kane.

The unofficial merchandise is often sold by vendors not linked with the club in the streets outside the ground on matchdays.

Shirts with offensive depictions of both Wenger and Kane were spotted prior to Sunday’s afternoon kick-off against Manchester United.

As reported by The Times, one of the t-shirts features the Arsenal manager dressed in hotpants and features a slogan from an offensive song often sung at him by rival fans.

The design featuring Kane shows the Tottenham striker dressed as a Hasidic Jew with the slogan: “He’s one of our own”, a reference to the England international’s chant and the club’s historically large proportion of Jewish supporters.

Chelsea routinely send staff to check unofficial stalls in order to ensure that they are not selling items which breach copyright regulations or which could offend fans of other clubs.

"It's hugely disappointing that in 2016 anyone could think this was acceptable,” a Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust representative, Katrina Law, told The Times.

“There’s often an edge to football humour but there is also a line which we're sure the vast majority of Chelsea fans would recognise.

“We trust appropriate actions will be taken by Hammersmith and Fulham Council Trading Standards and by Chelsea."