Chelsea vs QPR: John Terry calls Chelsea fan Joe Davies after he expresses concern to Blues' captain over Jose Mourinho's fan criticism

Jose Mourinho claimed Saturday's 2-1 win over Burnley was like being in an 'empty stadium' but Terry allayed Davies fears with a personal phone call

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Jose Mourinho took the strange stance of criticising the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge following Chelsea’s 2-1 victory over Queens Park Rangers on Saturday, with his comments causing a rather big stir among the Blues’ faithful.

Such was the dismay at Mourinho’s “empty stadium” statement by one fan that he made his feelings known to Chelsea captain John Terry, and was left stunned when the former England skipper replied to inform him he would be giving him a call after training.

18-year-old Joe Davies was at the West London derby on Saturday and felt it necessary to explain why the atmosphere at home games is no longer what it once was, citing extortionate ticket prices, over-zealous security and poor fan placement as key factors in dampening the fans support during matches.

Davies messaged Terry on Instagram to express his beliefs as to why the support for the Blues is not as fierce as in the past, and also stressed that the atmosphere at away matches remains as passionate as ever because tickets are not as expensive and the fans are allowed to stand by security teams at other clubs.


Incredibly, Terry replied to Davies, saying: "Joe, I’m just about to go and train but will contact you after training today. Please send your number. JT."


Davies explained to The Independent that Terry immediately spoke to allay any fears that fans had over the situation at Stamford Bridge, and confirmed that the players themselves have spoken to the club to try and find a solution to the problem

"I didn’t need to ask a question, as soon as he asked how I was he really drove home how hard he and the rest of the squad are trying to get through about addressing the problems which was said in the first message I sent to him," said Davies.

A banner that appears at Stamford Bridge in tribute to Terry

The Chelsea fan also explained his surprise at receiving the call from Terry, and when asked whether he was shocked at Terry’s response, Davies said: "Very – I couldn’t believe he even looked at the message in the first place let alone be so kind and ring me!"


The problem for fans of all Premier League clubs is that ticket prices continue to soar beyond control, and many supporters are being priced out from seeing their team at home – especially those of the top four contenders.

Davies believes that unless a home encounter is against a title rival or a quality Champions league side, Stamford Bridge can be quiet, but did speak highly of the club’s away following that remains vocal in their support of Mourinho’s side.

"Unless it’s a big Champions League or Premier League game then very often poor," Davies said of the Stamford Bridge atmosphere. "Away we are brilliant, a lot of numbers and very loud."

Davies’ most alarming admission though came when he was asked how much roughly he spends a season on following the Blues.

"Probably spend at least £3,000-a-year following Chelsea if you include travel and tickets, maybe even more," he added. 2Is it fair price? No. Do I still pay it because of the love for my club? Yes."