Crystal Palace fans protest against Premier League ticket prices: 'Share the wealth, pigs'

Eagles fans unhappy with the way Premier League money is spent

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Crystal Palace supporters have unfurled a banner in protest against Premier League ticket prices in light of the £5.136bn TV deal agreed last week. 

Photographed during their clash against Arsenal this afternoon, the sign reads: "£5 billion pounds in the trough yet supporters still exploited. Share the wealth, pigs."

Sky Sports and BT Sport paid a record fee for television rights last Tuesday in a deal which represents a 70% increase on the current £3bn agreement.

But little of that money is expected to filter through to supporters with the main bulk of it likely to be spent on players' wages and transfer fees.

Under the new contract, 168 games will be shown live, at an average cost to the broadcasters of £10.2m per match.