Daniel Sturridge defends Mario Balotelli, suggesting university students do 'crazier things than him'

The Liverpool strikers have played just once together

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University students do "crazier things" than Mario Balotelli, says his Liverpool team-mate Daniel Sturridge.

The Italian striker is back in everyone's good books after he came off the bench last night against Swansea and immediately turned the game by scoring an equaliser before Dejan Lovren netted the winner in the Capital One Cup tie.

It was only his second goal for the club following his £16m switch from AC Milan.

The lack of goals since his arrival at Anfield, which still sees him without one in the Premier League, has seen him come in for criticism. However, team-mate Sturridge believes it has been unfair.

“Mario is really cool and I get along with him - I enjoy working with him," said Sturridge who has only been able to play once with the Italian - a 3-0 win over Tottenham -  due to injury.

“But everyone says similar things about him like he is wild and then he ends up getting stereotyped.

“He is under the microscope and he is at that level where he is known around the world and he does get scrutinised."


Balotelli has been involved in a number of stories, from setting off fireworks inside his house to being sent to the shops for an ironing board and returning with a trampoline.

“I think the average 24-year-old or guys who go to university who are a little younger will have done a lot crazier things than him," said Sturridge.

“Everyone makes mistakes and has flaws - he is just finding his way."