David De Gea consoled by Spain team-mates over failed Real Madrid move

He appears to be unhappy after the recent transfer fiasco

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Spain's television companies had their camera focused on David De Gea during the national team's training session on Thursday.

Following the collapse of his move to Real Madrid earlier this week, the Manchester United goalkeeper has been at the centre of the media's attention.

If a group of lip-readers are to be believed, his transfer fiasco has also been the talk of the Spanish national team's training camp.

In a video posted by Pasion-Futbolista.com, lip-readers who analysed footage of De Gea suggest that, while talking with Sergio Ramos, he can be seen saying 'You can't do it like that' and 'I'll do it, I'll do it'.

Quite what De Gea is referring to is not entirely clear, although the website infers that from his demeanour and body language, he definitely isn't happy.


Iker Casillas is also seen speaking with the 24-year-old and, according to the Spanish lip-readers, after hearing about the debacle, he replies 'Madre Mias, Madre Mias' - apparently expressing his dismay at De Gea's situation.

Manchester United, who dropped De Gea from the first team earlier this summer, have suggested that he will only return to the first team on merit.

However, it has also been reported that the club will offer De Gea a new deal, in a final attempt to fend of Madrid's interest.



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