Football fan wins over £45,000 from £5 bet thanks to Everton comeback

Accumulator bet required the Toffees to win against West Brom

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Everton will have been delighted with their comeback win over West Brom last night, but it's very unlikely that they will have been quite as ecstatic as one lucky punter who won over £45,000 thanks to the result.

Images circulating last night showed an accumulator bet, whereby money is won if multiple unconnected results are correctly predicted, revealing someone was in line to win £45,865.05 from a £5 bet if Everton won. The gambler, who has not been identified, had already correctly predicted that Liverpool, Reading, Cardiff, Bury and Sheffield United would win their matches.

All that was needed was an Everton win, but up until the 55th minute of last night's match, things weren't going to plan. Everton were losing 2-0 and looked certain to let the gambler down at the last hurdle. However, an inspired 35 minutes from Romelu Lukaku saw the Everton striker score two goals and set up another. 


Lukaku scored the winner in the 84th minute, taking the Toffees to a 3-2 win and one football fan to an incredible return.