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Premier League

Gary Neville slams former Liverpool managing director Christian Purslow as a 'clueless fool' for his belief that Manchester United must qualify for Europe within two years

Purslow claimed that a failure to qualify for the Champions League either this season or next could see United become a permanent absence from the competition - something that infuriated Neville

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has hit out at Christian Purslow, labelling the former Liverpool managing director a “clueless fool” for his claim that the reigning Premier League champions may never qualify for the Champions League again if they miss out on the top four in the next two years.

Neville reacted furiously to Purslow’s comments, taking to Twitter to vent his fury after the 50-year-old praised Liverpool’s performances this season.

Neville posted: “Purslow ‘United may never get back in CL if they miss out next season’ What a clueless fool!!”

He then went on to mock Purslow by claiming that using his logic, the Reds will never win another trophy, Leeds United will never get promoted and the oil in Russia and the United Arab Emirates will dry up – not to mention a magnificent turnaround in David Moyes’ fortunes as United claim every trophy available for the next half-century.

 “My Purslow logic- Liv will never win another title/Leeds down forever/oil dries up in Russia and UAE and United win every trophy for 50 yrs,” continued Neville.


The 39-year-old was responding to Purslow’s words on TalkSPORT that he believes United must feature in the Champions League either next season or 2015-16 campaign, or else face the prospect of missing out long-term due to the new financial benefits coming in from television deals.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil Breakfast show, Purslow said: “The figure is about £30million if you get into the Champions League. “Next year when that BT Sport deal kicks in, that figure will probably double.

“Look at the team who that will most effect, Manchester United, they don't look like they're going to be there this year, but it gives Moyes and (executive vice-chairman Ed) Woodward a year to get their act together.

“One year, they can live with a £30million disadvantage for one season, in another year if they miss out, they may never get back.

“They now need to invest huge amounts of money. They need around £150-200m worth of talent, that’s five or six £25m players.”

Purslow also went on to stress that this season represented Liverpool’s best chance of winning the top flight in the last decade, highlighting that the attacking style of football implemented by Brendan Rodgers has seen his side become “compelling” to watch.

“I really think they can win the Premier League, they blitzed Arsenal and Everton at home,” said Purslow.

“Liverpool have become really compelling at home, incredibly attacking from the first minute with massive crowd support, as it used to be 10 years ago.

“Tottenham, City, Chelsea will not look forward to those fixtures, the maths is simple, if we win those three games it's impossible to dispute we're in the title race.”

Purslow was at Liverpool from 2009 until 2010 and oversaw the end of the Rafael Benitez reign, with Roy Hodgson being brought in as a replacement – although the current England manager’s time at Anfield would be short-lived.

“I think the lack of expectation at the start of the season was a massive advantage to the players,” Purslow added, with Reds searching for their first title win since 1990.

“I think they can perform under pressure, I think they will. Seven games between each game is a massive advantage.”