Hughes unmoved by Robinho comments

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Robinho will escape disciplinary action by Manchester City after claiming the club has a small-time mentality.

Manager Mark Hughes believes the Brazilian's remarks in a television interview were taken out of context.

Robinho's comments follow an outburst by countryman Elano, who complained publicly about not getting enough game time at City.

Elano's actions resulted in a fine but Hughes has no plans to hit Robinho in the pocket.

Hughes said: "I view this as a different matter because people have jumped on certain statements.

"They are trying to emphasise the negative part of it. I think it is a phrase from Robinho that has been taken out of context and it should be viewed as it was given at the time.

"Some of the comments were taken in isolation and sound a little bit damning. But when you see the full interview and the tone in which it was given, I don't think people should place much emphasis on it.

"When you see the interview, it is done with a smile of his face. It is done with tongue in cheek as well.

"What he's talking about is that a winning mentality has to be learned and you have to understand what it takes to win games, week in, week out. All clubs aspire to that and we are no different in that respect."

Robinho feels it is the mentality of City's players, rather than the personnel themselves, that needs to change if the Blues are to become a top-flight force.

"City have good players but the mentality of a small side," he told Setanta Sports' Football Matters programme.

"They are content with just finishing fifth or sixth. They are content with little, thinking just a draw might be good enough.

"They lack the mentality of champions.

"I have learnt that being second is worthless so I want to inspire a winning mentality."