Joe Kinnear accuses Newcastle supporters of 'talking out their backsides' during bizarre rant to explain appointment as director of football

The former Magpies manager repeatedly got the name of the club's players wrong and made numerous factual errors

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Joe Kinnear caused further alienation with Newcastle's support last night during a bizarre radio interview in which he accused them of talking out of their backsides.

Kinnear also repeatedly got the name of the club's players wrong and claimed that managing director Derek Lambezy (sic) had resigned 10 days ago.

The 66-year-old, who will be confirmed as Newcastle's new director of football later this week, also claimed to have signed Tim Krul when he was manager at St James' Park between 2008 and 2009 when the Dutch goalkeeper actually signed in 2005.

He claimed to have won the manager of the year award three times when he has won it once, he claimed to have played 400 games for Tottenham when it was less than 300 and said he had never been sacked as a manager despite having been dismissed at Nottingham Forest and Luton Town.

Of the furious reaction to his impending appointment, he said: "I don't know what angle they've got. If they want to sit down and argue with me... some are talking out of their backsides, a load of tosh. I'm not accepting it, as simple as that. I have certainly got more intelligence than them, that's a fact.

"You look at managers today over the last two seasons – the fans have feelings and if they aren’t happy with what is going on the manager gets the bullet. Unfortunately for them I’ve never been sacked in my life. So you know, look at my record, they keep saying to me, what did I do? 

"Where have these people been, have they been on another planet? I have played in five cup finals, I have won the lot. I had over 400 games for Tottenham Hotspur,  been manager of the year three times, I have travelled all over the world as a manager. "

Kinnear claimed he was approached 10 days ago, when he alleges that Llambias resigned (a claim the club has denied).

"Derek didn’t resign until then," he added on Talksport. Derek has decided to go back and be in charge of  finances. The job really is in detail that you’ve got to be in partnership with the manager and look at the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

"I am meeting Alan tomorrow for lunch. I’ve spoken to him on the phone and we’re having lunch tomorrow to discuss and have a game plan for the upcoming season.

"We both do (have the final say on transfer).  He’s the manager and we’ll sit down and discuss it, we have Graham Carr up there, he also has a say in it, we’ll discuss it. We will look at the strengths and weaknesses between us. No one’s got an ego.

"I haven’t got an ego. We will all sit down and discuss what’s best for Newcastle football club. We’ll discuss areas what’s desperate, in my opinion we need a striker and I see that desperate, as my opinion, when I speak with Pards tomorrow. He may see some other position that he wants to look better of or get a better player for that area."

He then repeatedly mis-named Newcastle's players as he spoke of the need to buy a striker during the summer.

"I think they’ve got some magnificent midfield players - Tiote, Ben Afra [sic], Yohann Kebabs [sic], Sissoko – are very solid," said Kinnear.

"Up front if you look at the goals tally last season.  I think we lost our top goal scorer in Demba Ba when he went to Chelsea for £7.5million or something like that – he was the top goal scorer with something about 13 or something like that. 

"Then you had somebody like Sisi (Cisse) he was the next goal scorer with something like eight.  And then after that there was a big drop into midfield where Cabaye and Hatem Ben Afrie [sic] - you know - he got four and then Sissoko got three, the total wasn’t much neither.

"So we need a prolific goal scorer to come in there and assist Cisse and I think that’s one of the areas – there might be other areas – I mean this is a side I haven’t had privilege to be with.

"A lot of players still there that were there when I was still there, I brought Krul to the club and I think he’s a terrific goalkeeper.  Ammomobi [sic] is getting better and better, he’s a young kid, Galteirez (Gutierrez) – and of course a lot of other players,  Tails is still there.  Ryan Taylor is still there so there’s enough players still there that I know but I still think we are short of quality players."