Leicester trio prepare for return to action in reserves

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Micky Adams claimed his players will be "stupid" if they fail to heed the lessons of their ill–fated La Manga training camp.

Micky Adams claimed his players will be "stupid" if they fail to heed the lessons of their ill–fated La Manga training camp.

The Foxes are attempting to revert back to normal life with Paul Dickov, Frank Sinclair and Keith Gillespie returning to training yesterday after being granted bail following charges of sexual aggression in Spain.

Adams has staunchly defended his players and adopted the 'innocent until proven guilty' stance since nine of his squad were initially arrested 10 days ago.

But he has acknowledged that certain players did let themselves down via a bout of late–night drinking on the same night as an alleged incident which led to Dickov, Sinclair and Gillespie being charged after allegations made by three German women.

Adams said: "It has been a learning curve for them all and, if they don't realise that, then they are stupid. I was told by .125director of football.375 Dave Bassett that my life would never be the same again once I'd got the club into the Premier League – and he has been proven right.

"It's fair to say that I have to be careful where I go and what I do. These recent events have been an eye–opener for the players – and me."

Goalkeeper Ian Walker admitted that what had happened in Spain had altered the outlook of the players in terms of their social life.

"When something like that happens to people around you, then it makes you look at basically what you can do", he said. "I don't think many of the lads will feel like going out anymore. Personally I feel you can't trust anyone or do anything.

"We were out in La Manga to train and had a few drinks. It just makes you feel like 'there's no point in going out anymore', because all of a sudden, something can happen and you're caught up in a big storm. From that point of view, it has made a lot of people think again about different situations."

Dickov, Sinclair and Gillespie will play for the reserves on Tuesday at Southampton and Adams will assess their performance and mental state before deciding whether they will feature against Everton on Saturday.

In the meantime, the club will conduct an internal investigation and Adams wants to hear all the evidence from his players before deciding if disciplinary measures are required.

He said: "If the players have caused a breach of club discipline, they'll be dealt with. But I will listen to everybody and everything and decide myself what punishments I place on any player. I've got to sit down with everyone."

Adams had only a brief conversation with the charged trio before training on Monday morning and he is hoping a reserve run–out will lift their spirits.

He said: "They are disappointed with events and the discussions I've had with them I am going to keep to myself.

"But they are certainly a little bit down in the mouth and part of my idea to put them straight back into action is to get over that.

"Nobody likes playing in a reserve game normally but I think these three lads will be delighted to play a game of football again."

As regards whether the three will be picked for Saturday's clash with Everton, Adams said: "I will put a side out which I believe is right for the club and can win the game.

"As I keep saying all they've been guilty of is having a drink 13 to 14 days before their next game and that's the line I'm going to keep throwing at people."