Nicklas Bendtner claims his next move will be 'Real Madrid or Barcelona'

Is this delusions of grandeur from the Gunners' Danish striker?

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One of Arsenal’s two target men has said he could leave the club to join Real Madrid or Barcelona – and it is not Olivier Giroud.

Nicklas Bendtner, the Gunners’ misfiring Danish striker, who has been out on loan for the past two seasons and came to close to agreeing a transfer to Crystal Palace during the summer, said he could envisage his next move being to one of the La Liga giants.

The 25-year-old striker, who has previously been quoted as harbouring ambitions to lead the line at Barca, was quoted in Danish daily newspaper Politiken as responding with “Real Madrid or Barcelona”  when asked where he saw his next move.

With Bendtner conceding he will have to leave Arsenal to get regular playing time – he has started two matches for the Gunners this season, both coming in the League Cup – the striker also says playing is more important than money.

“I do not [go after money when joining a new club]. It is the sport that is the most important," Bendtner said.

"I’m going somewhere where I know I can be happy to play. With a team where I can score goals and preferably to win something.

"I do not want to sit on the bench staring. I love playing lots of game."