Premier League managers' reaction to Mark Clattenburg race row


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Sam Allardyce

"If I have a grouse or query, I make sure it goes through the right channels. During my 20 years and 800 games as manager a player has never come to me and complained about what the referee has said to him. In my experience players don't usually react unless they feel they are being continually hard done by."

Roberto Martinez

"What happened with the referee is something that has to be sorted – there is a process and whoever is in charge will look into it."

Michael Laudrup

"If I am angry because I should have had a penalty or free-kick [the referee] is allowed to say something, but obviously there is a limit."

Sir Alex Ferguson

"There is no way a referee would stoop to that. I have never heard a player come to me in the last 15 years and say a referee has sworn at them."

Arsène Wenger

"I prefer, when I didn't behave well, that I have an explanation with the referee at the end of a match, rather than going public with little or no proof."

Andre Villas-Boas

"We have to allow time to find out what happened. Things like that take the beauty of the game away from the headlines."

Brian McDermott

"Sometimes referees would have banter and try to join in with the players. In the heat of the moment, that might not come across too well."