Pulis warns Stoke about the dangers of complacency

Wolverhampton v Stoke
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Tony Pulis has warned his Stoke City players against believing they have cracked it after two years in the top flight.

"It's just a dream for me to be manager of this club. I've said it all along and I mean it – every morning I wake up I'm a privileged person," said Pulis. "I'm like that and I want the players to feel the same. It's vital we retain the level of enthusiasm, commitment and togetherness we have had over the years.

"As soon as we start to get blasé then things will fall apart, so we have to stay solid, focused and not give a damn about what anybody else outside this city says or does.

"We stick together as a group, as a team, and if we can be as unified as we've been, then we'll continue to push forward. If we stay in the Premier League again that will be three years, and I really think you will see a massive improvement in the club.

"There are things we are putting in place that will help make this club better in the future. So give us this season, and by hook or by crook we stay in the league, then I think you'll see a really solid club next season."