Scudamore rules out Old Firm league switch

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Richard Scudamore claims there is no chance of the Old Firm joining the Barclays Premier League.

Both Celtic and Rangers are desperate to quit Scottish football, with England their preferred destination.

But Premier League chief executive Scudamore cannot see his organisation's 20 member club voting to let them in.

Scudamore also revealed he was personally against the Old Firm - who have also been linked with an Atlantic league - leaving Scotland.

Speaking on last night's ESPN programme 'Between The Lines', he said: "I don't think it's a serious proposition for a whole number of reasons.

"Scottish football is Scottish football. For a traditionalist like me, that's where the Old Firm should play."

He added: "I see the benefits for Celtic and Rangers if they moved to our Premier League but I don't think our 20 clubs are going to vote to allow these clubs into our league."