Shorts off menu for 'prawn-sandwich fans'


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Roy Keane once infamously described them as the "prawn sandwich brigade", and now some in the hospitality boxes at Manchester United are feeling the club's wrath, too. Action is being taken following complaints from other members about fans attending in clothes not adhering to the club's dress code.

During last month's unseasonably hot weather, some of United's executive members watched the Norwich match at Old Trafford in shorts, much to the annoyance of other fans who complained to the club. United's director of venue, Karl Evans, reacted by sending letters to all executive members warning them that they would be turned away from the ground if they failed to attend in appropriate attire. There will be no change in dress code, but the current rules will be more vigorously enforced.

Club officials claim that people in substandard clothing ruin match days for other "customers" in the executive lounges. They feel that those entertaining clients do not receive the "optimum experience" owing to the substandard attire of others.