Sir Alex Ferguson: I miss Manchester United but I never looked back at what I achieved

Scottish great reveals the secret to his United success

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Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed the secret to his longevity and success at Manchester United - always looking ahead and never looking back at what he'd achieved.

The Scot, Britain's most successful manager with 13 titles under his belt, also admitted he missed running Manchester United and the "camaraderie" of day-to-day life at a football club.

"What I didn’t do as a manager all my life was look back at things we’d achieved," Ferguson told presenter Jim Rosenthal in an exclusive interview with the club’s in-house channel, MUTV.

Ferguson won a British record 13 league titles

"I never did that, ever, because I didn’t think it was important. I always thought tomorrow was the most important day. That way there was always a challenge for myself. Win something – it didn’t matter, it was gone.

"Are we going to win something again? That was my attitude as a football manager."

Ferguson helped the club grow into arguably the biggest in world football; as well as his record number of titles he won five FA Cups, four League Cups, the Club World Cup twice and the Champions League twice in 27 years at Old Trafford. Ferguson, 72, is now enjoying retirement with his wife Cathy and says he gets on an exercise bike some mornings to keep physically fit.

He said: "I’ve kept active. That’s important. I always remember someone saying 'Never put your slippers on when you retire.' That’s just an analogy about retirement which means keep busy and that’s the way I am, I’m on the go all the time."

But Ferguson admitted he missed management, despite being involved with the Uefa Elite Coaches Forum, the League Managers' Association and even helping the European team win the Ryder Cup.

"Obviously I miss the players and I miss the staff at Carrington, fantastic staff. The camaraderie," he added.

"The morning meetings when we’d sit in the video analysis room and the hundred things we’d discuss. Then we’d talk about what we’d be doing in training. We had a great time and I’ve had a fantastic life, I’m very lucky and I love watching the team.

"When you’re at a club for as long as I was, you get engrained in the fabric of the place, there’s no question about that. You start thinking the way the supporters think and that’s the way sometimes I am now. I haven’t been to every game, obviously.

"I’ve missed a couple this season already but I’ve been to a few of them and I continue to do that, combined with the fact I’ve got other schedules to fulfil before the end of the year. It’s really enjoyable."http://ind-appweb-migr:6085/migrator/ws/publication/independentLondon/resource/binary/338139

The greatest moment of his Manchester United career?

"Well the final in 99 was unquestionably the greatest moment. Not just because we won it so late,. It was the manner of the team, the character of the team."