Souness says Rofe row was 'just a bit of an argument'

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Graeme Souness has told the Football Association to forget about giving him a touchline ban because his rant at Dennis Rofe was "nothing". The Blackburn manager could be in trouble if TV pictures of Saturday's heated row with the Southampton coach are seen as being a case of bringing the game into disrepute.

However, Souness said the encounter outside the dug-out was not worth the game's governing body worrying about.

Souness, who has previously been involved in incidents with referees that have led to bans, defended his end-of-match behaviour and said: "I can't see what action the FA can take for me having a shout in the tunnel. That kind of thing happens in football, it is a passionate game. It was just a bit of an argument. I would be very disappointed if they saw it any other way."

Souness squared up to Rofe and their heated words went on, with coaching staff stepping in and even police watching as the pair, who have had differences since they worked together at Southampton, let their feelings go. However, Souness pointed out that the dispute did not get totally out of hand and said: "There was nothing to break up, it was just shouting."

Souness still blames Rofe for playing a part in Andy Cole's red card for scuffling with Mattias Svensson and added: "I was right to say that you cannot be encouraging the referee to show the red card to a player. It is not on."

The FA will decide whether to ask Souness for his comments shortly, with the threat of a ban hanging over him. However, many experts believe it would not even have been a booking offence on the pitch.

Souness's previous charge involved a clash with fourth official Matt Messias at Wigan in a League Cup tie last season.