Subway make huge Raheem Sterling gaffe as promo contains the Liverpool forward twice

Subway Australia cropped Sterling into an advert twice

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Subway Australia have come in for stick from Liverpool fans on their Facebook page after a promotional advert included forward Raheem Sterling... twice.

The poster, billed to promote tickets for Liverpool's pre-season clash against Adelaide United, featured Philippe Coutinho alongside the unhappy forward - one with long hair and one with short hair.

The US franchise were announced as one of Liverpool's global partners last summer.


Posted at 7.15am BST on Tuesday morning, the error still hadn't been spotted at the time of writing.

Facebook user Mitch Franco was quick to spot the clanger, writing: “Subway obviously thought that was two different players.”

Meanwhile, Jarred Aoun came up with an ingenious reason for Sterling’s potential sale this summer, commenting: “This is why we are selling sterling. We have a second one hahahaha.”

Lee Patouras added: “Stick to making sandwiches subway.”

Subway's error is not nearly in the same league as fellow sponsor Dunkin' Donuts decision to replace the Hillsborough memorial flames with milkshakes on the club crest.