Wenger backs Platini cash curbs

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger feels clubs should not be able to spend "artificial money".

Uefa president Michel Platini is set to step up his efforts to bring in financial controls on top clubs after being stunned by Manchester City's "ridiculous" £100m bid to sign Kaka.

Platini's advisors are working on a number of different proposals aimed at creating a more level playing field, in financial terms, for clubs involved in the Champions League and Europa League - the revamped Uefa Cup.

Platini feels clubs should concentrate instead on bringing through young players from their local population.

Wenger has also long been a champion of clubs spending within their means.

"I am for the freedom of each company to run its company how it feels is right and to make the right decisions. That's why one company can be better than another one," said Wenger, who stood firm in negotiations with Zenit St Petersburg to finally land Andrei Arshavin in what is understood to be £12million deal.

"I agree completely that you cannot spend artificial money. It has to be linked with your resources.

"I believe that once you have your resources you can run your football club how you want to run it."

Platini will bring proposals on financial controls to March's meeting of the Strategy Council - the body made up of representatives of the leagues, associations and players - but he said they will only affect European club competitions, not domestic league matches.

Possible ideas include preventing clubs spending above their income, or limiting clubs' spending on wages to a fixed proportion of their revenue.

Another suggestion is to limit the size of the squad to 25 rather than allowing numbers at the biggest clubs to rise to 40 or more players.

Platini added: "It's not an English problem, it's a European problem and I have to find a good system which allows everybody a chance to win."