West Ham pitch invader Jordan Dunn not worried about possible 10-year ban as mates "think I'm a legend"

Jordan Dunn, 22, facing 10-year ban and up to £5,000 fine

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The pitch invader who almost scored from a free-kick at Upton Park on Saturday is "not bothered whatsoever" about a possible 10-year ban from football.

Jordan Dunn, 22, from Dover, sprinted nearly 80 yards during West Ham's defeat against Spurs, evading stewards to take a left-footed free-kick.

The West Ham fan's strike was saved by Adrian and only made to look better after Christian Eriksen missed the target on his attempt.

But Dunn, who spent Saturday night at Forest Green police station and has been charged with entering the pitch without lawful authority, said he has no regrets.

"I know it was a mistake, but it was definitely worth it," Dunn told Kent Online.


"My phone hasn't stopped going off and even Gary Lineker tweeted about it. My mates think I'm a legend."

Dunn told the paper he started drinking at 9am that morning on the train from Dover to east London; he intends to lodge a guilty plea when he appears at Thames Magistrates' Court on 1 September.

He added: "I could be looking at a 10-year-ban and even a £5,000 fine. The ban wouldn't bother me whatsoever but obviously the money would.

"My mum's not too happy, but she had a little laugh about it."