Celtic supporters mock Fenerbahce fans' threatening 'knife' pictures with their own versions - featuring spoons and bananas

Pictures by Celtic fans using the hashtag #thatisnotaknife quickly surfaced

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Celtic supporters have responded to threatening pictures from Fenerbahce fans in hilarious fashion.

Thursday's Europa League draw pitted Celtic with Molde, Ajax and Turkish giants Fenerbahce in Group A.

Straight after the draw, Fenerbahce supporters posted pictures of themselves wielding knives, in an attempt to scare the Celtic supporters for when they travel to Istanbul for the match later on this year.

The original tweet by Fenerbahce hooligans:

Instead of posting violent messages in response, Celtic fans came back with a more light-hearted reply, brandishing their own 'weapons' in funny pictures, using the Simpsons'-inspired hashtag: #thatisnotaknife.


How Celtic responded:

Those 'weapons' including spoons, bananas, toothbrushes, and a hoover.