Henry McLeish hails 'significant progress'


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Former First Minister Henry McLeish believes "significant progress" has been made in his attempts to improve Scottish Football.

McLeish made 103 recommendations as part of his Review of Scottish Football which was commissioned by the Scottish Football Association (SFA).

Those recommendations were unanimously approved at the SFA's AGM six months ago and the majority are now completed or in the process of being implemented.

Speaking at Hampden today, McLeish said: "It is six months to the day from the AGM.

"In both reports 103 recommendations were made and they are now being implemented in one way or another after that famous vote at the AGM.

"More progress has been made in the last six months than the last 60 years.

"It's a major step forward for a game experiencing major challenges. There has been significant progress.

"The SFA realised something significant and substantial had to be done."

However, McLeish stressed that the full benefits of his changes may not be apparent for some time.

He added: "We are building for the long term. That's the sensible way for Scotland to move.

"We are moving in the right direction. The message today is that tremendous progress is being made.

"We are exceeding expectations from when I took this on. It's not just a short-term response to the report but long-term rebuilding.

"If we are going to make changes we have to get it right."