The hand of God strikes again: Maradona slaps a journalist in the face

Video: The controversial Argentinian football star hit out after accusing a reporter of winking at his wife

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It has been a long time since Diego Maradona made the news for his performances on the football pitch, but he has shown himself adept at remaining in the spotlight during his retirement.

The Argentinian football legend created more controversy this weekend after he slapped a journalist during an exchange with reporters.

Maradona was being interviewed in his car as he left a theatre with his ex-wife, Veronica Ojeda, and their son Diego Fernando.

In the video, Maradona is talking to reports through the driver's window of his car. Once he's finished talking, he winds up the window and appears ready to move on.

However, he then gets out of the vehicle and walks towards a reporter holding a dictaphone. Maradona says to the man, "Why mess with my wife if I do not mess with you?" The 1986 World Cup winner claimed that the reporter had winked or made some sort of gesture at his partner Ojeda.

The story has since become big news in Argentina and it is not the first time in recent memory that Maradona's on-screen actions have made the headlines.

During the World Cup in Brazil this summer, Julio Grondona, the president of the Argentina Football Association (AFA), said that Maradona was a jinx on the national side, citing the fact that Lionel Messi only netted the winning goal during a game against Iran after Maradona had left the stadium.

In response, Maradona said it was Messi’s own effort that ensured Argentina's victory and not because he had left the stadium. He then looked into the camera and brandished his middle finger, saying, "Jinx this".

Maradona represented the Argentina side in four World Cups, winning the tournament as captain in 1986. He managed the Argentina team in 2010, leading them to the quarter-finals where they lost 4-0 to Germany.