Arsenal transfer news: Arsene Wenger reveals Gunners remain active in transfer market, wary of improving rivals

Arsenal boss points to importance of cohesion

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Arsenal may yet sign more players in addition to the arrival of Petr Cech, Arsene Wenger has said.

The Gunners' only significant addition this summer has been the Czech goalkeeper, despite most of their Premier League rivals having been very active, most notably Liverpool and Manchester United.

Arsenal director Lord Harris recently said there were funds for Wenger to strengthen and the Arsenal manager has indicated he may yet use them, wary of the improvements being made at the clubs around them.

"We know we will be better but it's difficult to know how much our opponents will improve before the season," said Wenger.

"If we can still strengthen, we will do it."


Wenger has a reputation for frugal spending, despite the recent comments from Jose Mourinho. It appears it's an approach the Frenchman will not be deviating from as he weighs up the pitfalls of signing new players simply for the sake of it.

"I get different reproaches - that I don't spend enough then I spend too much. I let other people talk," he said.

"One day you will look at the players we have developed here compared to the spending and other clubs and you will be surprised.

"The trend in our society is to always want new things but longevity, history and cohesion has to be respected too."