Gascoigne faces another inquiry

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Paul Gascoigne had more attention of the unwanted kind yesterday when the Scottish Football Association announced they are to interview him about Rangers' Scottish Premier Division match against Aberdeen last Saturday.

Strathclyde Police are investigating "incidents which allegedly occurred" during a 1-1 draw at Ibrox, but the SFA are pursuing their disciplinary procedures after receiving the report from the referee supervisor, Don McVicar, who watched from the stand. The match official, John Rowbotham, took no action over a series of incidents concerning Gascoigne and a late fracas involving John Brown and Alan McLaren of Rangers and Aberdeen's Billy Dodds. They have been asked for their comments, which will be presented to the SFA's disciplinary committee next Monday.

"As a result of the contents of that report, we are writing to Rangers and Aberdeen for the comments of those players referred to in a series of incidents," an SFA spokesman said. "It is in connection with the conduct of the players Gascoigne, Brown and McLaren of Rangers and Aberdeen's Dodds."

It was on the strength of a supervisor's report in May 1994 that the former Rangers striker Duncan Ferguson was handed a 12-match suspension he will serve once he completes a three-month jail sentence.

Manchester United must defend a second accusation of poaching after the FA charged them with making an alleged illegal approach to 16-year-old David Brown while he was with Oldham as an associate schoolboy. They face a similar charge after Arsenal claimed they enticed away Matthew Wicks.

If Manchester United are found guilty they will face a hefty fine, probably in five figures although nowhere near the pounds 750,000 suggested in some quarters.

They could also be ordered to pay Oldham and Arsenal significant compensation. Yesterday's charge follows several months of inquiries. United have been asked to make a written response within 14 days and can request a personal hearing.