An email conversation with Amir Kahn: "I'd last about 12 seconds against Big Sam ... then he'd flatten me!"

Expecting fireworks from the crowd in Glasgow, Battling through training over the fast of Ramadan, Steering clear of a knockout blow from Big Sam, Five reasons why Bolton is a great place to live
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A lot of your build-up has fallen within Ramadan, which you've been observing. How does not eating and drinking between 5am and 7pm each day affect your ability to train, if at all? From sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, I haven't been eating or drinking at all, not even water, which is so crucial. You need your fluids. So in that way it has been harder, especially in the final three weeks of build-up when the sessions become faster, tougher, more in depth. I still spar and hit hard, though. If there's one benefit, I've shifted some weight, which makes the work that little bit easier. Ramadan is very important to me, there's no question I wouldn't fast. I hope I've shown it's no hindrance to being involved in top-level sport.

You were in Brick Lane recently to publicise your fourth professional fight, at the ExCel Centre in London on 10 December. But the launch was during Ramadan so you couldn't eat even though the event was in a curry house. Whose bright idea was that!? And with Ramadan ending on Thursday, do you know a decent place to eat in Glasgow on Saturday? I think it was Frank Warren's PR people. Clever idea, eh! I was absolutely starving that day and I was sat there with everyone eating, journalists tucking in, and me having nothing. I could see all this delicious food, I could smell it coming out the kitchen, but I couldn't touch it. They even made me go into the kitchen to pose for photographs of me supposedly cooking a curry. Torture, man! I think the same PR people are going to be in Glasgow and they said they'll sort me a big feed. They better...

Andy Murray is a big boxing fan and will be ringside on Saturday, apparently. Have you traded tales about being teenage sports stars? And do you follow tennis much? I'm looking forward to meeting Andy. He had a good win the other day against Tim, didn't he? I haven't had time to speak to him, but I'm sure I'll catch up with him after the fight. I'm gonna try and cadge some tickets off him for Wimbledon next year to watch him play.

Topping the bill at the weekend will be Scott Harrison's world title fight against Nedal Hussein. Who do you take to win that one? I'm certain that Scott is gonna beat Nedal. Scott is an awesome boxer with patriotic support and will have it over and done with within five rounds. I wish Scott all the best. GOOD LUCK SCOTT, C U ON THE NITE!

You're a huge Bolton fan, and use the facilities at their sports science centre. What's so good about it? Without their help, and that includes Big Sam [Allardyce] and the chairman and all the sports science facilitators, I would not have been able to develop as quickly as I am doing. They take sports science very seriously at the club and the evidence is what they achieve on the pitch. A BIG THANK U to Denise and all the doctors and physios who support me every day with the help of the nutritionist as well.

You've been a great ambassador for the town of Bolton. What are the five best things to do there? Watching Bolton Wanderers, going to the Virgin Active health club, which is something I do a lot. Going into local schools for promotional purposes is something else I enjoy. The town centre is a great place to hang around in. Just living in Bolton is the best thing, due to everyone being so friendly and supportive.

Could you have Big Sam over 12 rounds, do you reckon? I reckon it would be 12 seconds, never mind 12 rounds, before Sam knocks me out, that is. HAVE U SEEN THE SIZE OF HIM!? I'm a great admirer of Sam.

You went to see Bolton play against Lokomotiv Plovdiv recently. How was Bulgaria? And the match? And what's the best Bolton can achieve this season? Bolton against Plovdiv was an amazing experience. An interesting place, and the match was awesome, man. It was great to see so many BWFC fans out there. I'm certain that with a huge amount of good fortune, Bolton will continue to do well in the League, the domestic cups and the Uefa Cup. If I didn't say that, Sam would knock me out in six seconds, never mind 12.

Who's your favourite Bolton player and why? Jay-Jay Okocha. Silky skills, like me.

Which one sports event, aside from boxing and Bolton, would you pay most of your own cash to see? That's a tough one because I'm so into my sport that I'll watch anything. Gymnastics, badminton, swimming, you name it. I'm serious. Being at the Olympics with all the British team and taking an interest in how everyone was doing got me really excited about loads of things.

There was some talk not long ago that Mario Kindelan might be coming to work in Britain for the ABA [Amateur Boxing Association]. What do you know about that? I heard some rumours but don't know anything else. Mario's reputation stands before him. It would be good but whether it'll happen, who knows?

Who was your boxing inspiration as you grew up? And who inspires you these days, in and out of the ring? Muhammad Ali is my all-time boxing hero. And the person who inspires me the most these days is Floyd Mayweather [the WBC super-lightweight champion].

Your cousin, Sajid Mahmood, is a Lancashire cricketer. Do you watch much cricket, or even play? And how will England fare in Pakistan? I missed watching Saj play this season because it's been pretty hectic. Hopefully, I will get to see him more next year. And England are the best cricket team in the world!! I think they'll show that on the tour.

Your younger brother, Haroon, is a boxer. How far can he go? My younger bro Harry is a much better boxer than I was at his age. I'm sure he'll do well in his amateur boxing career and hopefully will be there in London at the 2012 Games to bring home the GOLD.

How many times have you watched any of your Olympic fights on video? All the time. Somebody made me a compilation, not just the fights but the whole story of my Olympics, from back home before I left, to going out to Athens, the fights, interviews, bits and pieces of the reaction. It's all on this one DVD that someone put together for me. I watch it at least once a week, usually when I have some mates round and someone wants to stick it on. I'm happy with that.

Attachment: The Amir Lowdown

* Born: 8 December 1986, Bolton

* Education: Sports Development BTEC, Bolton College

* Weight division: lightweight (5ft 10in, 9st 12lb). Trained by Oliver Harrison.

* Professional record: Fights 2 Won 2 (KOs 1 ).

Against Baz Carey, Cardiff, 10 September 2005: Won on points, four rounds

David Bailey, Bolton, 16 July 2005: Won on technical knock-out, first round

* Achievements: Notched up three English schools titles and three junior ABA titles

2003: Gold at Junior Olympics

2004: Gold at European Championships and World Junior Championships

2004: Won Strandja Cup

2004: Won Olympic silver

* Came to prominence in the 2004 Athens Olympics in which he won silver - the youngest boxer since Floyd Patterson in 1952 to win an Olympic medal. The 17-year-old beat off some of the world's best amateurs, before losing to Cuban Mario Kindelan in the final, a defeat avenged before turning professional.

* Away from the ring: Supports Bolton Wanderers FC, keen cricket fan.

Tickets for all Amir Khan's fights can be bought through the Premier Consultancy, Bolton. Telephone: 01204 535 332.