Chambers agrees to divulge drugs details

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Dwain Chambers has agreed to meet UK Sport's director of drug-free sport, John Scott, to provide inside knowledge on drug offences.

The 29-year-old, who has begun a month-long trial with the rugby league side Castleford, returned from a two-year suspension from athletics, for taking a banned substance, in 2005. He was recently criticised by Scott for not doing enough to help the anti-doping cause, but Chambers' lawyer, Nick Collins, has called Scott to arrange talks, which are set to take place later this month.

Scott said last month that the governing body had sounded out Chambers about such talks but had received no response.

Chambers is believed to be preparing a legal challenge to his lifetime Olympic ban. A willingness to supply information may boost his chances of competing in Beijing this summer, which remains his major goal despite his high-profile Super League move.

Precisely what Chambers will be required to divulge is unclear, but it is expected to include full disclosure of substances he took prior to being caught out by a test in 2003.