Commonwealth Games athletes warned over dengue fever

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A viral fever that spreads through mosquito bites is likely to be highly prevalent during next month's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, health officials in India said yesterday.

Dengue fever – whose symptoms include severe muscle pain, and can be life-threatening – is on the rise with close to 1,000 cases reported in the Indian capital. Dr VK Monga, the health committee chairman of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, said that "mosquito breeding is likely to be at its peak during the Games and dengue is a concern".

Mosquitoes that spread the fever are known to bite during the day, making athletes during the Games, which take place from the 3-14 October, vulnerable. "Dengue is reported during this time of the year, but it looks to be more severe this season," Monga added. "Great care needs to be taken to ensure it does not become a problem during the Games."