Usain Bolt uses Twitter to rate babies' attempts to pull his trademark 'lightning bolt' pose

It seems some need more practice according to the Jamaican sprinter

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Usain Bolt gets a lot of downtime between sprinting faster than any other human being on the planet.

To keep himself occupied he likes to DJ and when he's not doing that he might be eating Chicken McNuggets.

But the Jamaican runner found a new way to pass the time this afternoon - by reviewing babies attempts to pull his trademark pose.

It seems the 'lightning bolt' - the action of stretching one arm out towards the sky and using the other arm to point the same way - is a trend amongst little people (or at least the trend of adoring parents taking well-timed pictures of a stretch and then uploading it to social media is).

Bolt has been inundated with pictures and in return he's been good enough to review them.

It seems the 28-year-old, whose pose was one of the iconic images of both the Beijing and London Olympics - at which he won triple gold at both - is mostly impressed. Words including "epic", "sweet" and "perfect" were used to describe them.










However, not all came up to scratch...