Boxing: Harrison enters clinic for alcohol problems

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Scott Harrison, the World Boxing Organisation featherweight champion, is facing the biggest fight of his life after checking into a clinic suffering from depression and alcohol problems.

The 28-year-old Glaswegian had been due to face Gairy St Clair at the King's Hall in Belfast on Saturday but the contest had been in doubt after he was arrested following a night-club incident in the early hours of Sunday. Harrison's camp told promoter Frank Warren yesterday morning that their man was pulling out.

Frank Maloney, his manager, said that Harrison has reluctantly confessed to his problems and been admitted to The Priory in Glasgow. He said: "Scott has depression and an alcohol problem and now faces the biggest fight of his life.

"Some of us are at fault because we might have noticed it previously but we can't live with a fighter 24 hours a day. An addiction is a very hard thing. An addict will cheat and lie to fulfil their addiction."

Maloney said he had to use "shock tactics" to make Harrison admit to his problems. He said: "I told him that if he didn't own up to his problems then he could get on with it on his own.

"My job is to steady the ship. You have to use shock tactics because if you are a world champion and you have people telling you how good you are, it might be hard to admit. But I think we might have caught it at the right time."