Boxing: Lewis 'weighing up' legal action

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Lennox Lewis today admitted he was considering suing Mike Tyson after revealing the controversial American bit out "a significant piece of flesh" during their press conference brawl in New York.

"I'm weighing up my odds about that one," Lewis said at a press conference in London. "You can see pictures of my leg in my upcoming book!"

The decision by the Nevada State Athletic Commission not to grant Tyson a licence yesterday has cast serious doubt over the proposed bout.

But Lewis' manager Adrian Ogun said the Briton's camp had "contractual obligations" and could not rule out the fight being staged somewhere other than Las Vegas.

Ogun read out a statement from his fighter at today's press conference, in which Lewis claimed: "Prior to today I have made no public statements concerning the events of January 22.

"I remained silent at the direct instruction and insistence of my attorneys, who advised me that revealing the truth about what occurred would have undoubtedly led to a lawsuit by Mike Tyson claiming that I interfered with the licensing process.

"In addition I believed that the Nevada State Athletic Commission, for whom I have the greatest respect and whose integrity is beyond dispute, should make its decision in the best interests of boxing without regard to what I may or may not have wanted.

"However, now that the licensing proceedings are over I am no longer bound to remain silent. The fact is that Mike Tyson bit through my trousers and took a significant piece of flesh out of my thigh.

"I was particularly disturbed by the fact that he went before the commission and did not tell the truth by denying what he knows occurred."

Lewis also revealed how he had an injection following his alleged bite from Tyson.

"I did have to take one about four hours afterwards," Lewis said on Sky Sports News. "The doctor came to my room and gave me one.

"They actually wanted to take me to hospital but I didn't want all the drama."

Lewis added: "The moral obligation is to go in and give him a whipping.

"I know that all my fans were looking forward to the Tyson v Lewis fight, as I was. I'm sorry that the situation has not yet been resolved."

Lewis denied reports that he had asked for a fee to appear at the licence hearing to speak up for Tyson, and said he was not sure if he would have gone if Tyson's camp had asked.

"I don't know," he added. "You have to remember this guy just took a chunk out of my leg.

"I'm thinking whose going to protect me in the ring and guarantee he doesn't bite me in the ring. If he has some mental sickness he needs some help."

Asked if there was a part of him that wanted to walk away from boxing giving the recent furore, Lewis added: "Only a small part."