Boxing: Macklin taken to hospital after brutal defeat

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Matt Macklin was taken to hospital after suffering a knockout in his challenge for the British light-middleweight title last night at the George Carnall leisure centre in Manchester.

Macklin, 24, was conscious and sitting up in the back of the ambulance on the way to hospital after a fight which, as predicted, was savage from the opening bell. The knockout itself was sickening.

Champion Jamie Moore was having his eighth British title fight and in the previous seven battles there had been controversy or some type of dramatic ending - and last night's fight was no different.

Macklin entered the ring as the underdog but there was little in it going into the 10th and what would be the last of the 12 rounds. In that round, both boxers looked close to collapse but it was Macklin who went down heavily and face first for the full count.

"I am worried about Matt because we are friends outside of the rung and he went down heavily," said Moore.

"I've just been told that he's fine and making jokes and that means I can celebrate with what little energy I've got left."

Long before last night's opening bell, it was obvious to everybody in the boxing business that Moore against Macklin would be the British fight of the year and providing that Macklin - as anticipated - is released from hospital this morning, it will thankfully be remembered for all the right reasons.

"I knew that it would not be an easy fight and I have to admit that there were times when I knew I was in real trouble but my experience let me pull through," said Moore. "I knew that would be a factor."

Macklin lost for the second time in 19 fights but can expect a lengthy medical ban before he is allowed back into the ring.

Moore, 27, will also be told to take three months off to let his body heal fully.