Equestrianism: Cleeren's winning debut

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Only two horses recorded faster times. The coloured gelding Nureev, a winning mount here for Robert Whitaker on Thursday, was the swiftest of all but missed out with a single error to finish 10th. Ireland's Billy Twomey dislodged three rails while whizzing round on Whinney Jackson.

Phillip Spivey captured the Horse and Hound Foxhunter Championship late on Thursday night with Romanov II.

Other impressive young horses featured in the BEIB Six-Year-Old Horse Championship, which was won by Scott Brash from Peebles on the chestnut mare Senette, with Paul Barker second on Sonybanta.

Horse of the Year Show (National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham): Dick Turpin Stakes: 1 Capriola Van de Helle (K Cleeren, Bel) clear, 61.70sec; 2 Retreats Oakey Doakie (R Maguire, GB) clear, 62.50; 3 Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker, GB) clear, 63.62. Horse and Hound Foxhunter Championship: 1 Romanov II (P Spivey) clear, 37.95; 2 Kanon de Lambarde (R Bevis) clear, 40.06; 3 Sultano (J Parkinson) clear, 43.27. BEIB Six-Year-Old Horse Championship: 1 Senette (S Brash) clear, 42.32; 2 Sonybanta (P Barker) clear, 42.95; 3 Cotton Candy (C Edwards) clear, 45.37.