Forget the World Cup - the world's most bizarre competitions

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If you're suffering from a severe case of sporting fatigue, more relating to the World Cup's all-encompasing dominance of newspaper headlines than any personal excertion, the chances are you have spent the last month searching for something different. You will also have been following the 2010 Redneck Games closely, cheering on your favourite toilet slinger and nervously teetering on the edge of your seat for the results of this year's mud pit belly flop.

In celebration of all things deep south, the Redneck Games, which closed in Georgia, US, this weekend, represents some of the most bizarre events around. Honouring tomfoolery and awarding the most useless of talents, 'bobbing for pigs feet' was one of this year's most anticipated contests, the Redneck Games has to be the pinnacle of oddity... or is it?

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