Angry dad smashes glass screen during ice hockey match

'Way to go, Paul!'

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Sarah Palin warned us about the difference between a hockey mum and a pitbull ( it's lipstick), but the former Alaskan Governor never said a hockey dad had a similar dose of toughness.

Video from a junior ice hockey game in York, Pennsylvania, shows the moment a father let a match get to his head and smash one of the glass screens that surrounds the rink.

After a small scuffle by one of the goal mouths, a man gets up from the stands and walks towards the rink. He then suddenly flings his arm at the screen and smashes one of the panels. York Revolution, which manages the rink, said that it was the man's wedding ring which did the damage.

Amusingly, after the glass shatters to the ground, a voice from the crowd moans, "Way to go, Paul!"

Well, unfortunately for the man, who has not been identified but is from Florida (and may be called Paul), he is now banned from the rink. He did offer to pay $250 to have the glass replaced.

"You see players get driven up against the boards in hockey, that’s a spread out blunt force on that tempered glass. This was apparently a pinpoint, metal force and in fact it apparently broke his ring. That’s how hard he punched this glass,” York Revolution President Eric Menzer told ABC27.

Kim Reid, a local hockey mum, told ABC27, "It shows you how sometimes the parents are probably a little bit more over the top and over zealous than the kids.

"At the end of the day its really about the kids and their development and shouldn't be taken to that level."