Arnold Schwarzenegger left hanging after Strongman athlete Eddie Hall breaks deadlift record with incredible 462kg lift

Hall lifted over 72 stones at the Arnold Classic in Australia and was cheered on by The Terminator himself

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World’s Strongest Man athlete Eddie Hall was cheered on by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger as he set a new deadlift world record, lifting over an incredible 72 stone.

Much to The Terminator’s delight, Hall was able to hoist the gargantuan weight up to a vertical base, with a new record being set at a knee-shattering 462kg (72.7 stones).

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, Hall, known widely as The Beast, attempted to break the standing record with a lift of 1,018.5 pounds, and a mammoth crowd turned out at the Arnold Classic event in Australia, a weight lifting convention organised by the seven-time Mr Olympia winner-turned Hollywood A-lister.

Hall has made a name for himself as one the most powerful and explosive lifters on the Strongman circuit, which was demonstrated by his incredible squat performance in last year’s World’s Strongest Man final, in which he finished sixth overall.

However, as the video below demonstrates, Hall can now boast the heaviest ever deadlift. After a few minutes of psyching himself up, Hall’s goes into overdrive as he lifts the 462kg bar before the crowd – and Arnie – erupt in celebration.

Once Hall’s straps have been untied form the bar, he too explodes into a bouncing mass of jubilation, but then does the unthinkable. He leaves Arnie hanging.


As Schwarzenegger presents his hand for a high-five, Hall turns away to continue his celebration, but ever the showman Arnie simply rides it out to join in the cheering. After a few seconds Hall returns and shakes hands with Arnie, and the 67-year-old praises Hall for breaking the record – which is 300 pounds more than Schwarzenegger’s personal best.

Afterwards, Hall said: “I had Arnold Schwarzenegger cheering me and he gave me a high five to congratulate me after the event – even though I left him hanging at first, oops!”