Bored of the 2014 Winter Olympics? Try watching two base jumpers leap off a moving cable car 2,000ft up in the Austrian mountains

Flo Orley and Matthias Giraud looked like any old skier making their was up the Bergbahnen Rosshütte region, before climbing to the roof of the gondola and leaping off from the 2,000ft cable car

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The Winter Olympics in Sochi has captured the imagination of viewers all over the globe, with the dangers of some of the sports – the snowboard slopestyle and downhill skiing especially – making exhilarating coverage to pass the days.

But how about a new winter sport to spice up the action? As far as illegal base jumping goes, it’s unlikely to be making its Olympic debut anytime soon. But for professional’s Flo Orley and Matthias Giraud, they don’t need it to be given the ok by the IOC in order to do it.

Orley, and Austrian Pro freerider, and Giraud, a French/American Pro freeskier, appeared to be enjoying the views of the Austrian ski resort of Bergbahnen Rosshütte near Innsbruck.

However, half way up the mountain, they quickly made their way through the emergency exit on the roof, and leapt off the moving gondola 2,000 metres above the snow-covered ground.

Executing a risky-yet-perfect landing in a narrow gorge, a quick change of equipment saw the pair make their hasty exit via skis – perhaps they should stick with skiing if they plan on going to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea.

They did not damage anything during the jump or put the other passengers in the gondola at risk, leaving them to enjoy the view from the cable car itself.

Watch the incredible base jump below: