Brendan Meyer: Special draft ritual that fills our hearts with hope

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The NFL draft is a special occasion. First I grab my football jersey, a shirt that has been untouched for four months since the season ended the previous January. Fellow fans then arrive and join me at my house, gathering around the TV, counting down the minutes and seconds until it is our team's chance to draft.

We crack open a couple of beers, eat the wonderfully unhealthy stereotypical football food that is nachos, and talk as if we are the general manager of the team, attempting to explain who we each think would be the perfect fit for our team.

As the selection is made, we all inch closer to the screen, and in unison either cheer in approval or curse in disgust, all the while hoping and praying that our newest addition will propel the team to greater heights and a possible Super Bowl appearance.

Regardless of our contentment or displeasure, the NFL draft is a reminder that the football season is just around the corner.

Originally from Chicago, Brendan Meyer is a sports writer at 'The Independent'