Cycling: Cavendish - Our sport is mostly drug-free

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Mark Cavendish has launched a stinging attack on those who think cycling is riddled with drug cheats, claiming the sport is the cleanest around. Cavendish insists that all drug cheats must be dealt with in the hardest possible way, but claims that the sport has been unfairly singled out for criticism.

"It's an ignorant thought to just put cycling with doping," Cavendish said. "There are cheats in every aspect of life, in every sport, every nation. There will always be cheats. If you put the time, the money and effort in to catching them then you will do it. People think just because people get caught that the whole sport is cheating. It's not. It's the stupid people who are cheating.

"The idiots doing it are the ones that are going to get caught. I can guarantee that no other sport is tested anywhere near as much as cycling. That makes cycling the cleanest sport, if anything."