Flavia goes butt Jaked

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Olympic swimmer Flavia Zoccari had to back-out of out a championship race at the Mediterranean Games yesterday, after her Jaked swimsuit split to reveal her behind.

The £318 Jaked J01 swimsuit has already sparked controversy as it was banned by FINA (the International Swimming Federation) earlier this year because it gave swimmers wearing it an unfair advantage. The performance-enhancing suits were under scrutiny for using polyurethane which was said to aid athletes' buoyancy, but Jaked protested the ban and it was lifted in June.

Flavia was set to begin the 200m race at the Games in Pescara, Italy, when the wardrobe malfunction occurred, leaving her no time to change before the race. She burst into tears as she was forced to withdraw from the race, and be left behind.

Jaked boasts that the full-body swimsuit - complete with back hinge - is 'more than skin'. Unfortunately for Flavia, it revealed just that.

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